Lemon Bay High School Class of 1987
Class of 1987 20 Year Reunion Album
Pam's familiy: Hubby, Berry w/son Dakota 15, Chenoa/7, Cherokee/14..
Just playing around...country style! This is my horse Pnut. My daughter has a horse named Summer.
Our daughter, Erica Yopp, loves her horse. (Mike, Linda (Barber), and Mitchell
Dan , Wendy,Dillon, Jake & Taylor kiehl at Pop Warner Homecoming
Oh, what a night! Avery Butler after a night of many bottles!!
Kevin & Cheryl Mulligan
Bob Combs and his wife
Billy, Lori Kimberlin, Barb & Bo Bacon
20 year reunion
J. T. Hendrix (Julie Ingersoll's son)
Trisha(Harless) and Lou Long
Class of '87
Kale Dailey
Kevin Davis and Jennifer O'katy
Brian Blue
Melissa, Lori, Linda & Kathy
Dianna Walston(Chess) and Emmitt Merritt
Kelly Ratcliff(Vasbinder), Holly Lambert(Brown), and Mr. Morgan
Kale, Kathy & Teresa
Stump Pass Marina June 22, 2007
David Laskowski, Taber Sullivan and Kevin Mulligan
Tammy Cizmar and David Laskowski
Stephanie Wheeler Taylor and Kathy Ryan Hrib
Stump Pass Marina June 22, 2007
Kristine Ellis Redmann, Kathy Ryan Hrib, Tracey Oill Friend
Jackie(Smith) and Craig Lance
Holly and Dianna
Missy & Tara
Class of 87
closer look
Just the ladies
Just the men
And another
The Band
One more shot
Melinda Dukeman
The new Lemon Bay High School...coming soon
Tom Wilson
Tom and Christine Forsburg(Miller)
John Saneda and Melissa Springer
lori schiffner and melissa springer ender
Holly, Bobbi Sue and Kelly
Jennifer, Tom and Kelly
Kale and the Manta
Mike and Bobbi Sue Letso(Wolf), and Kelly(Vasbinder) and Jamie Ratcliff
Kelly, Christine, and Bobbi Sue
Kelly, Bobbi Sue, and Traci
Lisa Annecone and Jennifer O'Katy
Lisa and Kelly
Bobbi Sue, Kelly and Lisa
Holly and Lou
Kelly and Holly
Holly, Lou, Kelly, Jamie, Bobbi Sue and Mike
You think Tom would smile being surrounded by 4 women
Julie (Ingersoll) Hendrix's son and hubby
Kelly and Melinda
Julie(Ingersoll) Hendrix's son
In memory of Mike Lafo.
Kevin, you know that isn't very nice.
Elementary school taught us alot!!!
Taber, Kevin, Christine and Cheryl
Christine, Jackie, Craig and Tara
The rockin table.....
Erin, Jill, Christine and Stacey
Christine and Tom...RN and Pharmacist imagine that!! :)
Praise the Lord, Bruce Almighty was at our reunion....and I kissed him :)
Christine and Leesa
"Ricky" & "Shelley Jo"
don't be scared Vasbinder!!
Denise Stern, Joanne Scangello, Kathy L, Michelle Fallin & Pam Reames
Sorry I missed it! But I felt like I was there thanks to Jennifer and Tracy's 2 a.m. phone call :) Joanna Banks-Morgan
Leslie (Hughes) and Jim Morrison, Bill, and Morgan Jones
Jim and Gina Barber and Bill
Joana and Morgan
Morgan Jones, Joana Owens, and Jerry Holmes
Laura Parsons and Jennifer Okaty
Happy Hour at Stump pass grill
Jennifer Okaty and Tracey Oill
Pre party at Dan & Wendy's
Stacey (Grippe) Alterio; Wendy (Brooks) Kiehl; Manta Mascot; Kale Dailey; Tara Coppock
Gary Vasbinder and Lisa
Kale, Teresa and new manta mascot
High school sweathearts!! Chet and Kelly (Chet isn't wearing underwear)
Jello Shots
Christine's daughter Tori (age 6)
Scott and Tammy Clemens
Christine and Lisa Beadle
Christine, Jackie and Craig Lance, Tara (Coppock) Dunn
Dave, Christine & Kevin
After hours partys continue even after the school day ends....
Michelle Brady (Smith) and Christine
Matt Cicchella and Christine
Bruce and Christine
Six months later
me and my daughter have some funny sorry we missed you all would like to be thier unfortunty my health is not premit me to but would like to hear from all that would like to corrosponed to me at frogger4968@yahoo.com thank you tammy pelkey (joslin)
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